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Dallas BMW Service Testimonials for 3, 5 and 7 Series Repair by Joe's Auto Barn

When it comes to BMW service in the North Texas and Dallas area, no one knows 3, 5, and 7 series BMW repair like Joe Schaab. As a practicing BMW Service / Master Mechanic for over 40 years, a few customers wanted to share their experiences.

Some of our customers have been with us over 26 years because of our HONEST work and FAIR costs. Call us today to find out the real difference in a German-born and trained BMW mechanic: 972-784-7575.

To make a long story very short: if I did not have Joe to work on my BMWs, then I would not own a BMW- PERIOD. Joe has been working on my entire family's BMWs for over 23 years. His services for me and my family include a wide variety of classics ranging from a 1984 533i, to a 1997 840ci, to a 2000 M5, to a 1999 M Coupe, to a Mini Cooper, all the way to my 2004 330 ZHP sedan. Not only can I trust Joe's opinion on the diagnosis of various problems, but I can also trust him to treat my cars and fix them with the type of care, quality, and attention to detail that you will never find at other places offering similar services for a much greater price. He treats all of our family's cars as if they were his own, and I have yet to find a problem with any of them that Joe cannot fix.

Not only do I have the opinion that Joachim is truly the best mechanic around, but I also will say he puts honesty, attention to detail, and doing the job right the first time ahead of anything else; and let's face it, those qualities are hard to find nowadays- anywhere.

It says a lot that I look forward to my drives out to Farmersville from Dallas when I need work done. Sure, some can complain about the location, but I relish taking the scenic route on a Saturday morning and look forward to my visits where I learn something new each time out. Whether it is a simple oil change or something a little more intimidating, I can rest assured that Joe is going to take care of my car and give me an honest opinion of what needs to be done. That is something I truly appreciate, and it is why I will keep going back to Joe's Auto Barn and nowhere else.

Thanks Joe for all your hard work. I would not own a BMW without you.

Mark K.,
(my father's testimonial is next...)

Joe Schaab has been servicing my BMWs since the first one that our family purchased in 1985. These cars are as follows. 1) 1984 533i. 2) 1997 840ci. 3) 1999 540i sports. 4) 1999 M3 roadster. 5) 2000 M5, and 6) a 2004 Mini-Cooper S. As a family we still own and drive all of these cars, with the exception of the 540i, which was traded in for the M5. The 533i for instance is still driven on a daily basis with well in excess of 250,000 miles on it. Joe is personally responsible for the upkeep of all of these vehicles with the exception of short factory warranty periods. Were it not for Joe I would not own any of these vehicles at the present time. In the Dallas area the pleasure of owning and driving a BMW has to be tempered by the incredibly poor quality of the service available at the major BMW suppliers. The thought of driving an out-of-warranty BMW in Dallas would be frightening were it not for the availability of Joe's automotive expertise and experience. Joe is one of a dying breed. He is an incredibly honest individual with a staggeringly large knowledge of BMW technology and history. If Joe tells you what is wrong with your car, and what you need to spend to put it back on its feet then you can rest assured that is the case. This man worships BMWs. If you have a BMW problem I have no hesitation in recommending you to use his services. You will never regret it.

Dr M. A. Kinch
Dallas TX.

I so appreciate the expertise and honesty of Joe, in all the years he has worked on my BMWs! As a woman, I have always been leery of taking my car to any garage or dealership repair center, because I felt they could and have taken advantage of me, due to my lack of knowledge re: the workings of cars.

With Joe, I know I can totally trust him in the diagnosis he gives me each time. He shows me the parts that are worn that he has replaced and tells me what will need replacing in the future. I find his service invaluable and he keeps my '98 328ci running like a top! It is very well worth the drive to get this kind of excellent service.

"LADIES, this is the ONLY and BEST place to take your BMW ......."
Thanks, Joe!

Cathy K.,

8 Years!!!

Joachim has worked on two of my BMW's for the last 8 years... he keeps me running at 40,000 miles per year... is always available, and offers very competitive pricing in the market place... I will continue driving one extra hour each way as long a Joachim will be in business... it is just worth it, period!

Uwe M., President, Red Orchid Events and Lifestyles

10 Years!!!

Joe has been my mechanic for my 1991 325i for the past ten years. I now drive over an hour to his new location and find the trip to be well worth while. I have total confidence that Joe will tell me what work is needed now and what can wait for a later time. The job will be done correctly and the charge will be fair. With Joe's care, I expect to drive my BMW for another ten years.

Dan Umphress

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your service. I always know when I take my vehicle to you I get the best service at the best price. You always take the time to call and let me know what you have found, if it is different in cost from what I expected, and if there is additional maintenance that should be performed "while you are in there." This is very important to me, especially with both sons going to university hundreds of miles from home - I know when you performed the work, I don't have to worry about their transportation. Believe me, there are enough things to worry about with two kids in college without worrying about their vehicles!

You know, when Heinz died and you sold the shop in town I was very worried about where I would find someone I could trust to be honest and fair. Let's face it, trusting the people you do business with is one of the most important aspects of having confidence in what is being said and done. You have repeatedly demonstrated both your deep knowledge of your craft and your personal honesty in delivering it to the public. Anyway, I was concerned, then you opened Joe's Auto Barn and I was thrilled. I told all of my contacts that drive BMW you were back!

Initially I was a bit concerned about where you are located, it is a bit less convenient. But, it turns out that driving my car to your business is one of my favorite ! How often do I have a chance to get out of town and onto an open road? Not often enough, I can tell you. But the drive to Farmersville (especially when I take the "back way" from Princeton) is a pleasant change. A few hills, curves, and less congestion - beautiful!

This note is getting longer than I intended, but I've got to tell you after my getting used to your knowledge, service, and attention to detail the only thing I really have to worry about now is, what will I do when you retire? Thanks again!

Gary Beach

I have been going to Joe for over 10 years to service my '91, 330i. Joe's honesty, knowledge, and continued trusted advisement make the extra drive well worth it. Joe fixes what needs to be fixed and advises on what may need to be worked on down the road vs. trying to up-sell or over-sell like the dealers do.

Joe treats my car like he would treat his own. He knows what the car needs to work at tip top shape, but he also knows when to change or fix certain parts like the brakes and suspension parts, etc. vs. just replacing things because your there and you might get away. I know this approach must cost Joe some short-term business with some people, this approach to service along with his knowledge of BMWs is unmatched; and it's why I will continue to go to Joe to service my BMW. I recommend you do the same.

Thank You,

Dan P.
Plano, Tx
March 2015

Greg Yoder
5 months ago
I have taken my BMW's to Joe's Auto Barn for several years. I only buy BMW's because I know when I have an issue I have Joe's to take it to where I will get honesty at a substantial savings from Classic while still using only BMW parts. I have sent multiple people to Joe's who rave about the quality of work and pricing!

Lauren Canet — 5 star. If you're taking your Bimmer anywhere else, you're crazy!
About 2 months ago · 28 Reviews ·

Tara Busch — 5 star. Completely trust Joe, he goes above & beyond every time. Does excellent work & takes great pride in looking after our cars.
Over a year ago · 25 Reviews ·

Mark Busch — 5 star. Over a year ago · 1 Review ·

Jorg Fercher — 5 star. Over a year ago · 12 Reviews ·
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Bekah Kile — 5 star. Over a year ago · 5 Reviews · REVIEW
Follow Melissa M. - Frisco, TX
5.0 star rating 1/24/2013
Joe is a true gentleman mechanic. I took my 2002 BMW M3 to him for an oil leak. He found a small valve leaking and replaced it for an extremely reasonable price. He also found my control arm bushings were worn out and he replaced those as well. He inspected and repaired my vehicle within two days. I will continue to use Joe.

Melissa M.

Review Date: December 10, 2012
Company Name:
Joe's Auto Barn
Category: Auto Service
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: August 15, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $7,000.00
Home Build Year: 2007
Description Of Work: Joe's been working on my 2001 BMW 330i for 7 years now - it has 162,000 miles now and runs perfect. As far as I can remember, he's replaced all the belts, idler pulley, water pump and thermostat, all the hoses, radiator, core, pretty much every suspension bushing, the front control arms, rear shocks, brakes pads and rotors, intake tubes causing a vacuum leak, window regulators, oil change and BMW inspection I and II for the last 100,000 miles or so.
Member Comments: I met Joe by chance in a home depot parking lot back in 2005. I had a routine service coming up so I thought I'd give him a shot. Taking a chance and driving out to his shop in Farmersville turned out to be the smartest thing I've ever done in my motoring life. Joe's is the most meticulous, honest and forth right person, let alone mechanic, I've ever met. He's also very frugal with YOUR MONEY. He will get the last mile out of every part that he can because as he puts it "if it will last another 10,000 miles that's money in your pocket".

Recently I left my car with Joe while I was out of town to have some worn suspension parts replaced (that would require an alignment after). After doing the work, Joe even drove my car down to the alignment shop, paid for the alignment and watched to make sure they did it right while I was out of town - talk about service!

Since my first trip to Joe's Auto Barn I haven't let anyone else work on my car and at 162,000 miles it still runs like a top and drives like new. Without Joe I would have sold my car years ago and as long as Joe's running his Auto Barn, every car I buy from now on out will be a BMW just so Joe will work on them.

Non-editorial information - Joe will ONLY work on BMW's. It seems like he has every BMW specific tool that's ever been made including their diagnostic computer.

Review Date: June 14, 2011
Company Name: Joe's Auto Barn
Category: Auto Service
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: April 20, 2011
Last Modified Date: June 17, 2011
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $500.00
Description Of Work: I used Joe's Auto Barn to repair a loose engine fan on my car.
Member Comments: Joe has his own shop out of his house. It is a very comprehensive shop. He only works on BMW's. I recommend him and will use him again in the future.

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Joe's prices are lower since he doesn't have the big overhead the dealerships do. Joe built his BMW repair shop from the ground up himself, and is equipped with the latest specialized tools needed to do the job right.

Call and see why others drive a little to experience reliable, one-on-one customer BMW service and repair that will leave you completely satisfied.

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